What Is the Beige Book and Why Should You Care?

The Federal Reserve System, also referred to as The Fed, holds a vast influence on the U.S. and global economies. One of the lesser-known but impactful tools is the Fed’s Beige Book.


The Economic Significance of Black Friday

The celebration of Thanksgiving precedes a commercial holiday, Black Friday, which is recognized in the United States and other countries worldwide. At first glance, Black Friday is a day for enticing discounts and irresistible offers. But on closer examination, it is a day of economic significance. Historically, Black Friday has been a day for retailers and consumers alike, contributing to

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The Best U.S. Cities to Enjoy Retirement

As retirement approaches, the prospects of laid-back lifestyles, and endless leisure time. These best cities to enjoy retirement allow for the opportunity to shift from a fast-paced urban life to a more relaxed, quiet community may become appealing. Check out these 10 Best Cities to enjoy retirement.